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Step into D&S Plantation, where every visit inspires and educates, connecting hearts and hands with the earth.

Activities and tours subject to availability and weather conditions. Please book in advance to ensure the best experience.
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Eco-Exploration Awaits
Grand Tour

Explore all corners of D&S Plantation with our Grand Tour. Get an up-close look at our sustainable practices, from the gardens to the animal areas, and learn about our commitment to the environment.

Learn Outdoors with Us
School and Group Trips

Discover a unique educational experience with our School and Group Trips at D&S Plantation. Tailored for learning and discovery, these trips offer hands-on activities in sustainable farming, conservation, and the importance of biodiversity. Ideal for students and groups looking for an engaging outdoor classroom experience. Connect with nature and learn about eco-friendly practices in a fun, interactive setting.

Animal Friends Adventure
Petting Farm Visit

Visit our Petting Farm for a family-friendly experience with our farm animals. Learn about their care in a fun and interactive setting. Great for kids and animal enthusiasts.

Stroll Through Greenery
Garden Tour

Our Garden Tour offers a walk through our productive gardens. Learn about organic farming and our eco-friendly approach to gardening. Ideal for gardening fans and nature lovers.

Catch, Release, Relax
Pond Fishing

Enjoy a quiet fishing session at our pond with our catch-and-release fishing. It’s a peaceful way to connect with nature, suitable for all skill levels.

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D&S Plantation
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Hardeeville, South Carolina 29927

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